Case Studies

Case Studies

Global Hip Hop Day

Emmis Communications created Sharetapes to distribute throughout NYC for Global Hip Hop Day. Recipients were linked to a micro-site featuring an embedded “Black Music History” video and an exclusive Apple Music Playlist. These Sharetapes will be updated throughout the year with current content.

AMC Augmented Reailty

To promote their new horror streaming service “Shudder”, AMC Networks created an immersive story telling experience using Sharetapes and Shazam’s Augmented Reality functionality. Users saw a talking ventriloquist dummy appear on top of the Sharetape on their phone’s screen, and could then take a selfie with it to share on social media.

New Balance NYC Marathon

For the NYC Marathon, New Balance created 23 unique playlists, one for each of their athletes competing, and handed them out on Sharetapes. Distributed within a VIP event held at the big race, New Balance gave users curated music and athlete profiles to increase brand engagement at the event.

Hot97 Summer Jam

Hot97’s Summer Jam Music Festival was hosted at MetLife Stadium outside of NYC in June 2017. Attendees were given Sharetapes throughout the day that linked them to embedded exclusive videos and an Apple Music Playlist. These tapes will be updated throughout the year with additional content from the event.

M Maggie – Summer 2017

Emerging artist M.Maggie utilized Sharetapes to promote her debut album to fans. It also features exclusive show footage and is updated so fans can keep up to date with new releases.

Bud Light SXSW 2017

Bud Light promoted their SXSW 17 showcase with Sharetapes handed out during the festival. Fans used the Sharetapes to RSVP to the show and listen a playlist curated by the Roots, who also performed at the showcas.

JNiice -Spring 2017

The face of B96’s morning show, JNiice, used Sharetapes to promote his Trop Mixtapes throughout 2017 in Chicago and Jamaica. Fans that interacted with the Sharetape were driven to a micro-site that featured his latest mixtape as well as the opportunity to engage through social channels.

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