To record your tape locate the code on the back, choose the url you want to share (don’t forget the “http://”) and enter the details below. Please note that codes are case sensitive.

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Please see below for instructions on how to add different types of playlists. Please note these are purely technical instructions, for Mixtape related advice please watch or read High Fidelity


  1. Go to the My Playslists page and click on the playlist you want to share.
  2. Click on the share tab, located below the name of your playlist. Click on the Share button.
  3. You can now copy the Playlist URL and paste it here.


  1. Go to the playlist you wish to share in Spotify
  2. Right click on the name of the playlist once open, and select “copy http link”
  3. You can now paste the Playlist URL here.


  1. Navigate to the 8tracks playlist in your browser
  2. Copy the URL of the page
  3. You can now paste the Playlist URL here.