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The best way to hand out digital content at your event! We can help you create a branded design and link your digital content.

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Sharetapes are a perfect solution to share content at all of your events. Let us help you create custom designs free of charge!

Where can I use Sharetapes?

  • Conferences
  • Tradeshows
  • Weddings
  • Event Sponsorship

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Increase reach at your next event with Shazam scannable Sharetapes. Each Sharetape features a unique Shazam code, which can be scanned with the app to unlock the content!

Combining our existing NFC technology with Shazam’s visual codes allow Sharetapes to be played on virtually any smartphone or tablet.

Choose your
own content

At any stage after ordering, you can access the Tactify platform, for creating, editing and monitoring your digital content

  • Quickly create event micro-sites
  • Connect and embed content
  • Update content in real time
  • Document and map downloads
  • Download the event app

Track Custom
Sharetapes with
Live Analytics

See how guests interact with your Sharetapes live! Log in to see who is engaging digitally with you at your event.

Share the data with clients by creating easy reports or even giving them their own login.

Sharetapes ship globally within 2-3 weeks depending on order size.

Arriving pre-programmed, offset printed on high-quality, credit-card-thick plastic.

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