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Gain new fans by creating custom Sharetapes to hand out at your concerts and for promotions. Let us help design your Sharetape at no charge!

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Share your new single, streaming album, music video and more straight to fans’ smartphones.

How can I use Sharetapes?

  • At Concerts
  • Album Launch Parties
  • Press Kits
  • Label and Management Meetings
  • Merch Table Leave Behinds
  • Licensing Opportunities

Connect with fans
through Shazam

Your Band’s sharetapes now feature Shazam Codes allowing your Sharetapes to be scanned by anyone with a current version of the Shazam app.

Music lovers around the world have made Shazam the leading music discovery tool, and now with sharetapes you can make sure more people discover your music.

Choose your
music platform

After ordering sharetapes, you will have access to the Tactify Platform to manage your Sharetape’s digital content.

  • Link to an external page
  • Create a new promotional page
  • Embed your music or videos
  • Edit your content in real-time
  • Use your Tactify content on social

Track Custom
Sharetapes with
Live Analytics

Check in on your Sharetape’s progress through the Tactify dashboard. See how many people have checked out your link or promotional page, what buttons they clicked and what devices they used.

Sharetapes ship globally within 2-3 weeks depending on order size.

Arriving pre-programmed, offset printed on high-quality, credit-card-thick plastic.

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