How do Sharetapes work?

  1. Get yourself a fresh set of blank Sharetapes from sharetapes.com
  2. Create a playlist in Spotify, Youtube, 8tracks or your choice of online media content, then add it to a tape by clicking record at sharetapes.com
  3. Give the Sharetape to someone who you believe may enjoy the linked content
  4. (they do this bit) Play the sharetape by tapping with NFC, scanning the QR code or hit play at sharetapes.com

What sites can I use to make a playlist for my Sharetape?

Sharetapes work on most web-based media sharing platforms. On the record page, there are instructions on how to add a playlist on Youtube, Spotify and 8tracks.

Does the receiver need a special app to play a Sharetape?

Services like Spotify require the receiver to have a subscription to play on mobile devices. Using YouTube or 8tracks does not require the receiver to have a special app, except a QR code reader for devices without NFC.

Which Devices have NFC?

For a comprehensive list of NFC capable phones, head to NFC World

Is it possible to sell Sharetapes in my store?

Yes, Sharetapes can be sold in your online or bricks and mortar store. Contact us to find out more.